A Black Friday-Cyber Monday prophylactic


You need protection.

If your inbox is anything like mine this week, it’s filling with Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers. For me, everything from boots to bras to Blackberrys.

The chance for ‘great deals’ on stuff I don’t need.

I’ve been on a bit of a minimalist bent in recent months – trying to get rid of stuff I don’t want or need, and make smart purchases of only the things I need.

I’ve had mixed success with purging and selling.

I no longer care about designer handbags and shoes. I’ve been able to sell some used articles on ebay. Not as many as I’d like, although the Fluevog stuff went really quickly.

Sold some scuba gear as well to pay for new stuff. My ebay link is here.

I’m also experimenting with a capsule wardrobe. The tough part will be whether to part with a dozen or so lovely and expensive business suits I purchased at Holt Renfrew when I was more svelte. Classic styles I’d still wear, if only….

Scott Hannah of the Credit Counselling Society of B.C. is someone I used to interview a lot when I was a reporter with CBC News. Here he is on Black Friday deals and how buying can get us in trouble.

My resolve to not buy stuff is pretty strong at the moment. Saving money is terrific.


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