Learn new stuff – never leave the couch


I’ve done some fun FREE courses through edX.

One – offered by Cornell – explored the world of sharks. I did three others from universities in Australia and Tasmania on topics like photography, digital advertising and the effect of climate change on the south pole.

All free.

This is how they work. A link to the material is emailed to you. You watch eight to 10 short videos per week. Then, you take the (optional) quiz. The courses typically run four to six weeks. Some schools will offer to sell you a completion certificate for $50- $100 USD. I don’t bother with that.

These courses won’t give you course credits for university and college programs here. But they’re a great way to learn new stuff while you sip pinot gris (or beverage of your choice) on the couch.

edX offers some paid courses as well. I’ve no interest in those.

Wanna tell people you studied computer science at Harvard?! Take a look. (I WON’T be signing up for this one!)




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