Tiny Kittens – what’s not to love

Finster (left) and Boo. Kittens rescued from a feral colony near Vancouver.
I don’t get people who don’t like cats. I’ve known a few nasty cats over the years and a lot more friendly, cuddly ones. I can’t have a cat for a bunch of reasons. That’s why I have cyber cats. Livesteaming and a local organization allow me to ‘own’ (watch) them 24-7.

Tinykittens is a volunteer-run, cat rescue organization based in Langley B.C. They foster mama cats and their babies and find them forever homes.

That’s not all. They also work with feral cat colonies in the area to identify ferals that might be suitable for socialization and adoption, they do TNR (trap, neuter/spay and release) and get veterinary care for sick and injured cats. Their work is aimed at reducing the feral cat population in a humane fashion and educating about spaying and neutering.

Tiny Kittens has had more success stories than I can count. (Cassidy the Miracle Kitten, Mr. T, Pinecone and Barclay aka Brady, Bill and Pliny, Supermama Tip, Skye the sink cat, and Nano and his brothers etc.) The work they’re doing with ferals is groundbreaking. You can learn more about TK’s work on their website.

Here’s a Facebook link that connects to some of TK’s graduates. They almost always have healthy, pudgy kitties up for adoption. Mama cats too.

I’m happy to give money to Tiny Kittens because of the work they do.


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