Bacon. That’s what I really wanted to name this blog. Unfortunately, a zillion others have secured the word bacon for their blogs.

Next idea was soltero. A blog with a focus on ways to navigate this world solo. Tips for when you just have to do stuff on your own, like extricate a limb from the jaws of a lion. Too depressing a theme, I decided.

Still, I liked the root word sol. A word with so many meanings. The Latin word for sun. The name of a beer. The acronym for S*&TĀ outta luck.

Here, I’m using SOL as a short cut. Repeat after me: solterrific = it’s all terrific.

This website will feature stuff I think is terrific. Stuff like travelling, photography, video-making, sea and land critters, and decluttering my space. And bacon, of course. I’m not a foodie, but I might post the odd picture of a margarita.

No S*&T. No negativity. That’s a promise.

Let me be your ray of sunshine!